East Kentucky game log

All-times Eastern

9:59: Just finished celebrating the 4th consecutive dookie lost, and I just want to say thank you basketball Gods, thank you.

10:01: Get ready to hear a lot of talk about Tyler’s mask. He gets to choose between the mask he wore in the ACC tourney or a new mask.

10:04: Thank you CBS for making our game the last tip-off of the night.

10: 04: Dick Enberg and Jay Bilas get to do the game. Roy’s sister passed away last night. Our condolences to Roy.

10:05: Starting 5: Lawson, Ellington, Terry, Wright, Hansbrough.

10:05: Tip goes to KY amid Tar Heel chants. After a KY miss, Reyshawn starts his 07 tourney with a TO.

10:06: Tyler and the new mask with a nice turnaround off the baseline. 2-0 good guys.

10:07: Lawson hits a trey. 5-0, a half block by Wright (he plays loooong) and Ellington with a hideous shot, steal, and 2. 7-0.

10:09: Tyler with his 2nd FG. Looks great with the new mask.

10:10: I am doing away with the current format, we are off to a great start. GREAT start. With 16:45 to go the score is already 15-3.

Dick just mentioned that Marquette only scored 18 points in the first half. Then again I doubt Marquette has anyone, and I mean anyone, that is fast enough for Lawson.

19-3 with 14:09 to go and well, Bilas has to be loving the display especially after the dookie stink bomb.

Bobbie and Ginyard are off to it with straight TOs, KY only taking threes, and Tyler is a machine tonight.

Newsflash! Eastern Kentucky is trying to be the first team to score all its points from behind the arc…nooooooo! 26-8.

Expect retaliation from dookie fans about Roy’s “I keep Coke around” commercial. At least Roy comes through as a humble guy even in his commericals.

Team is looking more and more comfortable. Shooting threes well, running, etc. 39-14 with 8:05 to go.

Danny just pulled the first “turnover while I was trying to dribble behind my back.” Some sloppy play from the Heels brings the score back to 41-20. Roy is going to be…not happy.

On a score check note, Wright St. and Pitt are tied at 22 with 7:30 to go in the 1st half. Xavier down 8 to BYU to begin the 2nd half, and the Zags down 5 to Indiana at the half.

More sloppy play and then pile some more sloppy play and Roy is sending in massive replacements for the guys on the court.

14-2 run by KY has the score at 41-26 until Tyler gets a layup followed by a WIDE OPEN three by KY and another TO by the Heels.

43-29 with 2:33 to go.

More hideous play by just about everyone and especially Bobby has the score at 47-35 to end the half.

8 points in the last eight minutes of play to end the half. That is the worst 8 minutes of basketball the Heels have played since the Va. Tech game at Blacksburg. I hope Roy is PO’d enough to wake them up an have them run away with this so that the bench can get some serious minutes.

Tyler is leading the pack with 11 points and 6 boards at the half. Lawson has 10. Ellington 9. Wright 4!!!

Not sure what is going on. We appear to be confused about what to do on D and O. With a 9-1 run to start the half, KY is only within 4. We look lost!

Kentucky looks all fired up and the Heels are treading water, a lot of water. Thankfully, the crowd starts getting into it and gives the team a huge hand. Score back to 55-46 with 13:08 to go. Must keep the pressure on the 16 seed!

With the game getting slowly back in track, and Tyler sitting with 19 points, it is brutally apparent again that this team needs to stop falling asleep during stretches of games. The number of teams that have mounted comebacks and taken over the momentum of the game is mounting. Some people blame it on Roy’s substituting way too much which cuts on the flow of the players that are on the floor. Whatever the cause, these runs have to stop or a team like Michigan State is going to cut the dance short.

67-50 with 8:50 to go. Reyshawn awakes!

75-56 with 5:10 to go. Reyshwan is all over the place. Maybe it is Bobby and Q that weigh this team down.

After a HUGE wake up call the game is on its way to a nice win for the Heels.

Final score 86-65.  Good night Chapel Hill, good morning Malawi


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